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The Beechgrove project was constructed in 2008 and is over 4,000 ft, lying in Breathitt County, KY near the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River. This project is quite the exception due to its 1% grade that is unlike most first and second order streams in Eastern KY that are in excess of 2% slope. The impacts that occurred to this stream were related to farming and logging activities. The direct impacts to the stream were excessive lengths of channelization and large amounts silt. The combination of these two types of impacts directly affects the amount of food and habitat made available to macroinvertebrates and fishes.

Aquatic Resources utilized the natural channel design techniques to overcome the effects that occurred over 25 years ago by implementing stream types such as B, C, and E to compliment the natural grade documented from existing conditions. By adding these changes in stream, natural conditions were found on all reference reach streams. Many structures employed were log and rock j-hook combos, log and rock cross-vane combos, and root wads. A new structure developed by Aquatic Resources was implemented.  This structure acts as an undercut bank with a rock overhang was placed on an outside bend to provide shelter.

Please click on the PowerPoint Presentation to learn more about this project.

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