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Aquatic Resources is growing!
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ARM Opens Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
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ARM released iPad App

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Aquatic Resources Management (ARM) is an environmental firm based in Lexington, KY that provides a unique combination of consulting services specialized for the interaction of people and the natural world. ARM personnel possess an expertise of the natural environment along with a strong knowledge of state and federal regulation as it pertains to land development and resource extraction. ARM staff is comprised of highly trained environmental professionals that can provide field services ranging from species surveys to stream restoration, yet at the same time guide your project through the complicated regulatory processes.

While ARM can provide you with unparalleled expertise associated with all aspects of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, the fullest extent of their proficiency is demonstrated through more complicated environmental tasks that combine multiple aspects of biology, ecology, and state/federal regulation especially within aquatic environments. With tasks such as stream restoration, state/federal permitting or advanced statistical analyses to pinpoint the sources of influence on aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems, the comprehensive expertise of Aquatic Resources Management staff will ensure a holistic consultation and prompt product. And, as always, direct and open communication with our client is one of our strongest attributes.